Before & After Photos

Before & After Garage Re-Organization

Even take donations to the donation center, no matter how big or small.  

Before & After Cabinet

Before & After Pantry

Before & After Cabinet

Before & After



Before & After

Before & After of a spice cabinet!  Three bags of garbage & an uncluttered cabinet!

Yep, I will even organize your freezer!  Here are Before and After of this project.  

Now you can see what's in freezer for dinner.  

I do have assistance from a local to a reputable local hauler

to take away the bigger items for you.  

I will bring your donated items to the donation center for you,

this donation was to "The Humane Society" in Binghamton, NY  

Before of a collapsed storage shelves

Before of a Laundry Room

After of the same storage shelves items.  Client purchased new shelf, was installed and it's soooo much better!  

After of the Laundry Room

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