How to Organize a dresser drawer painlessly!

I organized a dresser drawer and took some pictures to show you how I did it. I did throw a lot of items away or recycled them and did put some items back because I use them often. Here's how:

Step 1) take EVERYTHING out, yep everything. Even the paperclips in the corner.

Step 2) This is the hard step, Go thru each item and decide what to keep, discard, donate or recycle. Take your time, you can do this.

Step 3) Make piles of like items together. What I mean is put all pictures together, paperwork together, toys together, etc. items that you want to keep. So now you have piles of like items bunched together. Put all the recycling in the recycle bin so that it will go out on the recycling day. Garbage in the trash can to go out and no cheating and bringing it back in. :}

Step 4) Wash out the drawer and put only the items that need to be in the drawer back. Use baskets, ziplock bags are a great help or bins to help keep everything in order for easy access. Put the items that you no longer need from that drawer in their new homes. Only keeping what you need, give everything else a new home or discard.

Step 5) Be proud of you new and clean drawer!!! You worked hard to achieve it!! Now have a glass of wine to celebrate!!! And lastly send me a few pictures and we'll celebrate together!! E-mail me at or you can text me at (607) 761-9762. Be

proud of yourself and plan your next organizing drawer. I promise you’ll feel better.

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