How to Organize and De-clutter a Car

Hello D/C fans - I just did a video of how I organized and cleaned out a car. My car, the Chaosmobile was quite dirty and disorganized. I though since we're all on lockdown at home, I’ll create a video so that when we can get back to work and our “normal” lives, you will have a clean and organized car. Don’t forget to get the family involved, if you want help, so everyone will feel a part of the process.

Step One - Is to take everything out and put on the deck, garage table or someplace where you can see everything. Don’t forget to get a few baskets if you think you will need them to put in the trunk area so that those items will be contained. Maybe a few Sterlite containers, the clear ones are best. Get a garbage can to put the trash in. Anything that you have not used in a long time or that is broken, just discard. Don’t forget to clean out the car console and the glove compartment. Make sure you go thru all items and decide where you are going to put it back to, trunk area, front seat area, middle seats or bring it in the house to use.

Step Two - Is to clean and wash the inside, wash the windows, if your car has leather seats, use a good leather cleaner. You will need a good cleaner to clean to the dashboard or any other materials inside the car. Make sure it smells nice so the car will smell refreshing. Maybe even get air fresheners for the vents.

Step Three - Next is to vacuum the floor, seats and trunk area of the car. It makes it look so much nicer and you will enjoy the cleanliness. It’s amazing what you will find under the seats!!

Step Four - Ok, now is the fun part. You have gone thru all the items that you took out of the car, keeping only what you will use. Now you get to decide what and where each item goes in the car. Put all insurance cards and paperwork in the glove compartment. Items like a hair brush, anything that you use often in the center console. Place all the kids items next to the car seats, cups and toys in a basket in the middle area so that it’s easy for them to reach and able to use. Don’t forget to wash them if they're dirty.

Step Five - For the trunk area, get a few baskets or containers to put anything that you need but can be stored in the trunk area including extra towels, boots, tools or dog items, kids extra clothes or so much more. Another great item is to use zip lock bags for the smaller items. They fit great and you can see what’s in there with out opening them up. Now put them back so that they're easy to reach and you are able to see what you have stored.

Last step - Last but not least, give the car, truck or SVU a bath. How about enlist the kids to help, maybe even a water fight would break out, that’s always fun!!! Everyone will enjoy the new organized car and be proud of their help in creating an organized car.

Now, the best step is to take a break and be very proud of yourself and your family for helping in organizing and cleaning out the car. Have a glass of wine or a beer and sit back and admire your work.

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