My first blog and I'm soooo nervous!!!!

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Hello all - thanks for checking out my first of many blog posts!! I have pondered creating a blog for a while now and finally took the plunge. Here is just a tiny bit about myself.

I worked in TV for 29 years and was laid off cause I was union member and they would not help. I went back to college and was on the President's list the whole time I was in school!!! Phew!! Still I could not find a new job and I have always wanted to work for myself - so I created "Decluttering Chaos" and never looked back!!

I enjoy meeting all my clients - past, present and future. Everyone is special and has there own challenges and I so enjoy assisting them in solving their decluttering issues to create a calm and peaceful world for there new beginning. I also really enjoy meeting and talking to clients all over the area and talking to moving companies from all over the USA to help their local clients in moving, as well as to donate and discard projects.

With this blog, I would like to give stories of my business day-to-day activity as well as give organizing tips and ideas that you can implement yourself.

I love quotes and will be giving inspirational quotes to lift your spirits and give you a much needed smile. I will not mentions client's name or addresses, but I'll give you stories so you will feel you are not alone. I also won't be mentioning politics and certain events that are in our economy today.

So feel free to stop over for great information about decluttering and organizing, as well as stories to make your day. Looking forward to many blog posts. Subscribe so you are notified when new posts are published and don't forget to comment!!!

Until then, happy "Decluttering Chaos". Chris

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