Organize a Closet & keep hydrated

Hello all - Just wanted to give you some help since we're all hunkered down at home during this pandemic. I thought I’d offer some advice on how to organize and declutter a closet since we all have time right now to do so.

Here are a few tips,

  1. Take your time and get comfy, get in your yoga pants, favorite slippers, maybe some music and of course a glass of wine, after all it’s noon somewhere.

  2. Take a before picture so you can share with me after you're done. Start simply by removing all the clothes that you no longer wear or that are stained, ripped or faded. If it’s in poor condition, discard them. My suggestion is if you would not buy them cause they're in poor or bad shape, then discard them. If it’s in good condition and you just don’t wear, then donate them. There are many places to donate them, call ahead to make sure the center is accepting donations. You can put them in a garbage bag to take them to the center. Just remember they're in the trunk of car, it’s the ones making the noise back there.

  3. Next, with your clothes that are left, remove all the seasonal clothes that you will not be wearing for the next few months. Such as all the bulky sweater and thermal underwear. This will leave room for your spring/summer clothes. You can fold them in a clear bin so they're put away but ready for the fall & winter season. Don’t forget to label the side & top so you will know what it is. Put them off in the corner of your closet for easy access in the fall. Oh ya, make sure you hydrate and have a glass of wine (or 2!!!). Your doing great! Keep going!!!!

  4. Now you have all the clothes for the spring and summer all set. You can put them in order by color, by style or the way that works best for you. Make it so that it’s very easy for you to look in the closet and find what you want.

  5. Don’t forget your accessories such as scarves, jewelry and bracelets, earrings. Lay them all out on the bed so you can see them, sort and hang them on the jewelry hanger, or in a jewelry box. Any jewelry you have not worn in quite a while, add to the donation pile and put in small zip lock bags. If something is broke, either take to the jewelers to get fixed or discard. Pair up the shoes, if there are singles, discard them. Oh, hydrate during and after sorting!!

  6. Couple of hints, only put back in the closet the items you truly love and will really wear. Now you have a closet you really can enjoy. Remember to wash the shelves to make it look nice and smell fresh.

  7. If you are having a hard time deciding about some items, place them in a bin in a different room. If you go to use them say in 2-3 weeks, put them back in your closet. If not, then you know you don’t need them and add to the donation pile. Oh, hydrate often. Now go and watch Netflix. Enjoy the rest of the wine or open another bottle, be proud of yourself, you deserve it!!! And share a picture of before and after with Decluttering Chaos. You just may have it features on my Facebook and Instagram page (with your approval).

  8. Still having problems, Call Decluttering Chaos and set up a meeting after the pandemic is over and we’ll tackle it together. (607) 761-9762

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